Shakib al Hasan, a name of Bangladeshi pride, A superstar all-rounder for big franchises have always been in talk. Whether for his amazing preferments over a decade or for some wrong reasons. After the Cricket world cup, he was suspended on 29 October 2019, the International Cricket Council (ICC) banned Shakib from all cricket for two years, with one year suspended, after breaching the ICC’s Anti-Corruption Code he was been forgiven for one year.


Shakib Al Hasan Death Threat


Everyone was happy cause his suspension period ended and he was continuing working on fitness and nets. But on Diwali (Hindu festival called kali puja) he visited Kolkata as a guest. He started the program there and that went viral on social media. Islam never supports that. That was politically 100% wrong so Muslim supporters were really unhappy with it. Some of them were giving hate speeches all over for this incident.


There was another claim about him that he threw someone’s phone when he tried to take a picture with him. That happened before as well. Shakib loses his temper & got involved with fans in the wrong way.


“I was protecting myself for Covid-19 but that guy went over me so I just pushed him and the mobile phone fell down. I did not have anything to do with that. It’s not my mistake I was trying to protect myself.

I went there for another cause. I did not go there to start the Diwali (Hindu festival) I played for Kolkata before. So people there love me so much. But there was a little fight between crowd & police by result the one side of the road was blocked. I had to go through the temple side. I was there for 3 minutes and some journalists took pictures. They made it viral and misinterpreted it ” Shakib said


There were many bad comments at Shakib’s official facebook page but someone made it something else. A young guy did a facebook live with a sword and gave a strong death threat to Shakib for his anty Muslim activities. He was too aggressive towards Shakib.


Later the police got to know about it and confirmed that person who is from Sylhet. His name is Mohosin Talukdar. The Incharge of police in that area said they will take him under preservation as soon as possible. Shakib has visited holy Makkah Madina for hajj before with his wife. Then he also uploaded pictures that is against the law of Islam. That itself is a huge controversy which was just down under the bush. His appearance at hindu Puja temple actually fires the gasoline engine. 


On the other side Shakib fans are backing their Idol and saying when Shakib is apologizing he should be forgiven. In lockdown time Shakib al Hasan did a lot of charity work for poor people. He was a stunning performer at the 2019 cricket world cup. He auctioned his favourite bat and sold it at the price of 2 million BDT.


He also collected funds for his own Shakib Al Hasan foundation and reached out to many people in the pandemic. Shakib also said on that YouTube video ” As a conscious muslim I will never violate Islamic rules. There is some kind of misunderstanding going on. I would hope people will understand my concern”

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