Habibul Bashar tested positive for COVID-19: A humble servant of Bangladeshi cricket former captain Habibul Bashar Sumon (Former Bangladesh cricket team captain) has been always animated at the ground for Bangladeshi cricket.


Habibul Bashar tested positive for COVID-19
Former Bangladesh captain Habibul Bashar tested positive for COVID-19


Recently he was at the ground for the past few weeks in training & matches. Suddenly he was feeling so ill and got a fever. Later on, on 12th November Bashar tested positive for COVID-19, and on 16th November he was taken to the hospital.

He has been hospitalized for 4 days and the doctor said his infection has increased, It went to his lungs. Though he doesn’t have any fever now he needs a lot of recoveries. As we all know coronavirus affects the lungs most.

He is now one of the chief selectors for the national team alongside Minhajul Abedin Nannu another former captain. He is a very hard-working activist for Bangladeshi cricket for over a decade. BCB president Nazmul Hossain papon is concerned about Habibul Bashar’s condition.

The doctor can assure that he can take medications from home cause he doesn’t have breathing problems now. Maybe he can leave the hospital on Sunday. After Mahmudullah Riyad another Bangladeshi cricketer he has been tested Covid-19. May no other cricketers get Covid-19.


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