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How to Play Sweep Shot
How to Play Sweep Shot in Cricket – Batting Technique

How to play a sweep shot in cricket: Sweep shot such a good shot against the spin ball. It usually plays a low bouncing ball to the leg side. If you correctly play a sweep shot you can get a boundary by using only one ball. The sweep shot is a high shot in all formate cricket match like ODI, T20 and Test match.

How to play sweep shot

If you want to play sweep shot perfectly you need to follow the following step below:

  1. Stay in your basic set up
  2. feel comfortable and always have a good balance
  3. watch the ball from the bowler’s hand 
  4. wait for the ball
  5. watch the ball at the time on the contact
  6. eyes on the ball
  7. hit the ball through the leg side

If you want to learn in practical let’s check out our cricket video tutorial.  It will really helpful for you to play better cricket and improving your cricket learning skills.

How to play a sweep shot video tutorial

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