Holding a cricket bat or how to grip a cricket bat is very important from the batter’s point of view. Holding the cricket bat technique decides whether you are a good batsman or weak batsman. So if your grip is correct you can be an exceptional player. Today you are going to learn how to hold a cricket bat correctly here in CricBrief.

Nowadays cricket is one of the popular games in the world. Day by day the popularity of cricket is increasing. The percentage of both men and female involving in cricket is increasing as well. You need to improve  Mentally, physically, and technically to play cricket.

Manufacturing of cricket bat day by day improving. Modern days cricket bat is much lighter and much easier to use. You need to have an international standard cricket bat. Once you have a cricket bat you need to understand the cricket bat structure before you holding the cricket bat. The middle of the cricket bat is called splice. The outside edge of cricket bat is called outer edge and the inside of the cricket bat is called the inner edge. These are the basic fundamental structure of cricket bat.

There are a lot of ways to hold a cricket bat. The most common two methods are “V” grip and “O” grip. These are the most common batting grip in cricket. Most of the batsman in the cricketing world follow V grip. Because V grip is the most successful batting method in cricket. So, you should prefer V grip to learn batting technique.  

When you hold the cricket bat your index finger and thumb should settle between the splice and outer edge. Make sure Both of your hands set in the correct position. These two fingers create v shape that’s why this grip is called V grip. Once your Grip is correct and feels comfortable you are ready to go. When your grip is correct you can play all kinds of shots like a cut shot, off drive, cover drive, straight drive, on drive, pull shot every kind of shots in cricket book.

If you want to know more and see it, don’t forget to check our video lesson. This is also a better option to learn cricket easily. Don’t miss it!

How To Hold a Cricket Bat

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